Troubleshooting Tips

Modem and/or Router Connectivity

You likely have an Araknis (Ovrc enabled) router that will automatically reboot itself when the internet signal is lost (as well as reboot the cox modem). This will resolve with most losses of internet connection but every once in a while there may be a need to manually reboot in cases of below:


1.) Control4 app pops up and states not connecting
2.) Equipment is not responding to commands (most equipment today is controlled via a modem/router)
3.) Touch panels display connectivity
4.) Internet is not working
5.) Netflix or other ‘smart apps’ are not working (this could be the speed issue with your internet provider)
6.) Audio (music) is not streaming (playing)
7.) IP Camera not displaying on an app


Reboot the modem or individual device using the easy to use power cycling device we installed, See below picture:


DirecTV Box Lockups

If your remote prompts work to turn on & off your TV, however you’re not receiving a picture and/or sound this could be due to your cable box or satellite box locking up or not powering on. This could be a matter for your service provider to address.


1.)  No picture or sound when turning on the system
2.)  Does not respond to remote commands (changing channels, guide options, search, etc.)


1.) Reset Satellite Receiver – most units have a red button on the front side (red), press the button (could take more than (10) minutes to cycle the reboot) (or press button on power cycle device installed by DVAV



App Issues

Controlling your system from your mobile devices or tablets via Control4 MyHome app. The app capabilities allow you to manage lighting, audio, video, security, temperature, and more on your home or business’s WiFi network.


1.)  When opening the app it displays “unable to connect”
2.)  App is not properly controlling the equipment and/or system


1.)  Verify WiFi is turned on (mobile device will display an antenna of sorts indicating you’re connected)
2.)  Click on the C4 app – go to ‘More’ – click on ‘My Control System’ – click ‘Edit’ – click ‘Synchronize Settings’
3.)  Restart app by pressing and holding the ‘home & lock’ buttons together until app closes – restart app


Other Electronic lockups and/or malfunctions (A/V receivers, DVD Players, AppleTv’s, Touch panels, System controllers)

Although we recommend reliable electronics, they can malfunction and/or lock up.


1.) A/V receiver, AppleTv, Blu-ray (DVD) Player, Gaming Station, Etc. not responding to prompt


1.)  Individually, reboot equipment not responding
2.)  If equipment is plugged into a power supply – reboot by turning off and on (typically we installed power supplies for ease of access and rebooting)


Amazon ALEXA

The Amazon Alexa is a new device and amazon is constantly changing and working out many bugs with the system. If internet connection is down, then it will not work, also it may from time to time update and need to be serviced


1.)  Amazon Alexa not responding


1.) Check Internet Connection and Reboot Device


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