Remote Monitoring and Service Management in Scottsdale, AZ

Remote Monitoring and Service Management in Scottsdale, AZ

Remote Monitoring and Service Management

Currently Home Electronics and Audio Video Systems are now “connected”.  This means they are online downloading new firmware, doing updates, rebooting, reconfiguring and upgrading themselves.  What this means is that it takes effort to keep all of these devices up and working properly.  Our goal is keep your system functioning, and be proactive to any adjustments that may need to be made.  We utilize some of the best products in the industry for us to be able to monitor your home electronics, and remote program or reboot when there is an issue.  If a system does down, our goal is to know about it before you do, so that when you have that party on Friday night, your system works!  A good example of one of the many services we can provide, is setting up a system that checks for your Network router, access points, or even devices like your apple TVs; and when they have an issue, we automatically reboot them, without you ever knowing the issue happened!  This is a simple example, but the possibilities of what we can use this technology for, make for endless opportunities in your home that are custom to you!

Remote Monitoring

An automated home is truly a sight to behold as sophisticated devices work in unison to make life easier. To ensure your technology stays in perfect working order, manufacturers constantly issue software updates, and many products automatically download patches without requiring any action from you. In an ideal world, every new patch integrates seamlessly with its intended device, but bugs and other glitches occasionally pop up and affect the functionality of your equipment. At Desert Valley Audio Video, we offer a proactive solution to this problem. With remote monitoring, we can step in and fix any conflicts automatically so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Notice Nothing as We Work in the Background

Few things are more frustrating than an expensive piece of technology that doesn’t work, and the last thing you want to do is spend an hour on the phone with tech support. When our technicians set up a remote monitoring system in your home, small programs called “agents” begin to operate silently as your devices go about their work. When one of your machines downloads an update or encounters a software glitch, the agent sends us an alert about a malfunction. We’ll intervene remotely to take corrective actions such as rebooting the unit, downloading new drivers or adjusting settings.

Cover a Wide Range of Applications

You’d be surprised at the number of devices that exchange information over your home wireless network, and our system can monitor many of them remotely. When you enroll in our monitoring program, you’ll enjoy consistent functionality of some of your most important equipment:

  • Wifi routers
  • Entertainment servers
  • Streaming television devices
  • Smart thermostats
  • Security systems
  • Major appliances

You can store your troubleshooting guides away for safe keeping, as we make it our goal to take corrective actions before you even know there’s a problem. In the event of a malfunction that can’t be repaired remotely, we’ll contact you to set up an appointment to address the situation.

Let Us Be Your Backup

It takes a significant investment to outfit your home with the latest electronics gear, and it’s reasonable to expect your devices to work when they’re needed. Enroll in our remote monitoring service and you’ll have a team of experienced technicians ready to provide assistance whenever a problem occurs. To learn how this technology could work in your house or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call Desert Valley Audio Video at 480-907-7095 or fill out our online contact form today.

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