High End Audio and Video in Scottsdale, AZ

High End Audio and Video in Scottsdale, AZ

There is so much talk about wireless being “better” and almost everyone now compromises quality for ease of use these days, especially when it comes to music and streaming sources.  The truth is there is likely more variance between high-end audio and video systems and lower end solutions, than there ever has been.  When you compare and listen to the difference of how a quality speaker should sound, as compared to the lower end systems that we all have been made used to, the sound is absolutely amazing! As some of you may recall, when the CD first came out and was compared to cassette tapes, it was mind-blowing!  The same dramatic difference occurs in a high end audio system and one of the less expensive options!

Desert Valley Audio Video proudly representing brands like Paradigm, Anthem, Artison, Martin Logan, (and so many more) on the audio side.  We are dealers for Sony, Samsung, Panamorph, Screen Innovations (and many more) on the Video side.  We are your high-end audio dealer!

We have the two most important attributes to offer to any client looking for the best options in High-End Home Audio and Video:

1. We have a showroom and one can demo many of the product we recommend.

2. We are experts in the industry.  Our system designers have a passion for high quality home audio and video systems and are excited to work with you on your system.  High quality audio video products are constantly changing and getting better, so please let us help you pick the best fit for your home theater, media room or house audio system!

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