Your Homes Network and WiFi system is heart of all of your electronics and the reason you will enjoy a truly connected home. Let us help you diagnosis and create a WiFi system that provides reliability and super fast speeds!.

Home Network Solutions

All connected devices in today’s home hinge on one backbone to function properly. The Network system is the “make-it” or “break-it” for you to successfully stream movies, music, wireless cameras, access HVAC control, connect to lighting systems, arm your security system, and even turn on your vacuum. Networking equipment is constantly progressing and changing, it takes a trained professional to first design the right system for your home and then keep the system operating at optimal level. Wifi systems can also have their share of challenges; you must have the right amount of coverage, and you must be aware of possible interference from one of the many other wireless devices likely in your home for the network to work seamlessly. A Wifi system also must be meticulously designed, installed correctly, and properly implemented. At Desert Valley Audio Video we have expert system designers to design the system precisely, highly knowledgeable technicians to install accurately, and most importantly, a responsive staff to support your network system.

Wifi Networks

Take a look around your house, and you’d be surprised to see how many devices depend on network connectivity. With so much information transmitting through your building, you need a wireless setup that’s both effective and secure. At Desert Valley Audio Video, our technicians specialize in the installation of wifi network systems, and we’re ready to deliver the blazing speed you need.


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Eliminate Dead Spots


Laptops and tablets are convenient because they offer maximum computing power in a portable package, but those benefits disappear whenever you enter a room with a limited signal. Our technicians will survey your entire home and recommend the routers, boosters and other equipment to cover every square inch of your living space.

Prevent Conflicts

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A wireless router sends and receives information on channels, and you don’t want to overload the system. Think of a channel as if it’s a road, and each of your connected devices transmits a signal that could contribute to a traffic jam on the highway. If you live in an apartment or townhome, the digital gridlock can be even worse as you have to contend with signals from your neighbors. Wifi interference can manifest itself in a few different ways:

  • Slow speeds
  • Inconsistent download and upload efficiency
  • Intermittent connection
  • Diminished range

When we set up wifi network systems, our technicians analyze the demands of you and your neighbors while installing and calibrating the equipment.

Get the Most From Your System

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Your home wireless system lets you surf the internet or telecommute from your couch, but you can do so much more with this technology. Manufacturers are utilizing wifi connectivity in new ways every day, and a quality network can help you harness these capabilities for many different uses:

  • Streaming television devices to eliminate your dependence on cable companies
  • Online gaming for cooperative action with your friends
  • Video chatting for business meetings or conversations with family
  • Security systems that allow you to monitor the home from anywhere in the world
  • Automation devices to remotely adjust temperatures, lighting and other environmental settings
  • Smart appliances such as refrigerators capable of alerting you to low supplies and even placing orders

Connect Your Home Today

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When it’s time to upgrade your equipment or set up a new home wifi network, trust the experts at Desert Valley Audio Video to design the right system to meet your data needs. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, contact us online or call our office today at 480-907-7095.