Easily turn music on in every room of your house, use your smart phone or tablet to pick your favorite playlist and adjust different volume levels in each room.

Whole Home Audio Solutions

Who doesn’t like to listen to music? Whether you would like to have the ability to lounge outside and have some background music playing while reading a book, or have speakers in every room of your home so you can have music playing everywhere while entertaining; we can make it happen! We have speakers that are invisible (hidden behind the wall), we have speakers that are flush in the ceiling so that you don’t notice them, and of course we always make sure the sound is impeccable.

Planning For Whole House Audio

Most of us love music and listening to music wherever you are in the house is a dream come true for many of us. Today, this can be done in a very easy manner and you can even make arrangements to transmit the music into your yard or patio. Whole house audio systems are the answer to this and they are broadly categorized into two types—single source and multi source. The first type will play the same music in all the rooms configured whereas the second one can transmit different music in each room. But before you opt for such a system, you need to figure out a few things.


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Multi Source Audio System


Firstly, how many people live in your house and what types of music do they like. Secondly, you will need to choose the rooms where you wish to have music. Thirdly, the layout of your home is crucial in deciding the type of whole house audio systems you can choose from. If the rooms are close by then you might be able to do just fine with a single source system because this will have only one amplifier to send the music. However, this will not be suitable if you want different music in each room. A multi source audio system will be ideal in this case.

Choosing The Right Audio System

audio system

You can choose from a wide range of whole house audio systems with advanced features and settings. The configurations can be either simple or complex depending upon the type of system you decide to install. Though many advertise their products as do-it-yourself it is always recommended to seek professional installation services. If your house already has network wiring, then it simplifies the process of installing whole house audio systems. There are also wireless solutions available which are similar to those used in computer networks.

Wireless Music Adapters

audio system

Wireless music adapters can also be used with whole house audio systems. Many of these are quite easy to set up also. While at one point, installing such audio systems was considered the privilege of the rich and the famous, now it is affordable enough for everyone. There is a wide variety available in the market and you are sure to find one which will suit your budget and your requirements. So, its just a matter of running down to the nearest home automation store to get your favorite music streaming all through your house all day long!