iPads, iPhones & Android Integration

There are thousands of apps available on the market… why not control the electronics in your home with one? Search for your favorite song, change the channel on the television, change the temperature of your home, and dim the lights; all while sitting in your favorite chair right from your iPhone or iPad. Both are very powerful, inexpensive machines, and it is extremely simple and convenient to use one to control your home. We can design a system that will be very easy to use, and ensure you are getting the most out of your electronics.

Mobile Technology & Home Automation

The latest gadgets in mobile technology are iPads, iPhones and Androids, which with their advanced systems are finding a place in every household. Besides making communication faster and more interactive, these devices are being used for a variety of other purposes. Did you know that iPads and iPhones can be programmed to help you control your home automation systems? Most leading home automation programs are now compatible with these devices. The major benefit is that once these are installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can control your home automation system from anywhere, not just in the vicinity of your home.


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Mobile Automation Compatibility


So, if you forget to turn of the lights and realize it after you have left the house, all you have to do is access your mobile device and switch them off. You can also control the DVR system of your home theater this way should you forget to set it to record your favorite program while you are away. This way you can choose to control the security system, the lighting system, and the temperature control system of your home even when you are not there. Most home automation systems are available in versions that are compatible with iPads and iPhones.

Wireless Automation & Installation

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In order to be able to use your iPads or iPhones for wireless home automation control, you will first need to get some specific hardware installed in your home. Software and service fees can be additional. There are different types of applications up on offer from various vendors that address different home automation processes. These are available at most retailers who deal in home automation systems. They will also offer installation services albeit at an additional cost. The technician will also be able to help you sync your mobile device with the application and provide you with guidance on how to use the system efficiently.

Goodbye Remote, Hello Mobile Technology

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The use of iPads and iPhones for home automation has led to the remote control becoming almost obsolete for the purpose. More and more such applications are being developed by various different companies for use with iPads and iPhones. Each version comes with newer, advanced features which are integrating more and more systems together. Once you get the hang of operating your home systems from your mobile device, a lot of things get simplified. Your peace of mind is guaranteed for should you forget any task, you can just check your gadget and set it right.