Imagine being on a vacation when it is 115 degrees in the Valley, and you realize you left your thermostat on 68 degrees. Wouldn’t it be great to jump on the internet and easily change to an “Away Mode,” where your thermostat adjusts, your lights turn off (with the exception of a few by the windows that go on and off throughout the evening so that is appears that you’re in your house), and if someone approaches your front door the system sends you a photo of them to your e-mail.

Or, if you are in your house, imagine being able to start your favorite music play list, dim the lights, set the temperature and lock up the house, all with a touch of a button. We can customize your needs and make it easy for you to make changes down the road.

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Home Automation

So what does this actually mean? Most often when your family sits down to enjoy a movie, it takes at least three or four remotes to actually get the movie playing. Then after the movie finally begins, you have to get up and turn off or dim the lights. With Control4 home automation, you only need one remote to do all of that. With a simple press of a button, all of the devices involved (TV or projector, Blu-ray player, media player, receiver) will all set themselves to the correct inputs and your lights will automatically dim to your desired level.


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Home Theater


Control4 home automation allows you to integrate the products and services you already use into one seamless, awe-inspiring experience. You could simply press the “Watch” button on your Control4 remote and grab your snacks. Your Control4 system can turn on all of your devices and set them to the correct inputs, automatically. It even has the ability to automatically dim the lights for you so you don’t have to get up to turn them off and stumble through a dark room on your way back to the couch. And if you start to feel a draft, you can adjust your thermostat right from the couch.

Lighting Control

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Lighting plays a critical role in creating an inspiring and beautiful room—not to mention, a safe and comfortable environment. Control4 offers a full range of smart lighting products that let you control virtually any lighting devices – large or small, interior or exterior, CFL or LED – exactly the way you choose. Control4 technology enables you to integrate your lights with music, shades, locks, climate control and video—so that with just one touch, you can turn all the lights on or off, set the scene for bedtime or a dinner party, manage your energy use, or make sure that your home is safe and secure. You can even use your smartphone, tablet, or a PC with the Control4 app to manage your lighting from virtually anywhere in the world for the ultimate in convenience and control.