Audio Video Design & Installation

At Desert Valley Audio Video, we have a great amount of experience in audio video systems. This can mean having a centralized rack system that supplies your entire home’s Televisions and sound, letting you share your recorded programs to any room, and easily play your favorite music at any location. This could also be something very simple, such as having a music system that you can control and play out on your patio while relaxing by the pool.

Understanding Custom AV

Custom audio video creations refer to made-to-order products and installation of home theater equipment and audio video systems for your home and office. These can include the home theater system, the music system, as well as other audio or video equipment such as televisions and speakers required for your residence or office space. Many home automation firms offer various types of packages for this purpose which can also be customized for individual needs. For instance some custom AV creations may have a digital music server, radio tuner, flat screen television, speakers, programming, and wire. However, if you need wireless connectivity or a different type of television then you will have to pay extra for this kind of customization.


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Meeting Custom AV Expectations


Different clients will have different requirements and a company that specializes in custom audio video creations will be able to keep each one happy. It is even possible to get matching electrical fixtures installed for your home theater or audio system. You can even choose to have them blend in with the wall in such a manner that they become almost invisible. Yet another reason for opting for custom AV creations is when the dimensions of your room are such that standard audio visual equipment does not fit easily in there. Contrary to popular belief, customization is not the realm of only the truly rich anymore.

Proper AV Installation

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Companies that specialize in custom AV creations will have qualified staff that can help you find the right products for your home. They can offer you helpful tips and point out the different features of products that you may have shortlisted. It goes without saying that proper installation is a must. Whole house audio systems are a good option if you want to have your favorite music playing through out the place at a uniform volume. Similar customization is available for video systems also, so you can watch anything, anywhere in the house.

Custom AV Benefits

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You can choose to get any combination of channels and also control access so that the children get to watch only the cartoon channels and kids’ channels. High quality pictures and sound can be made accessible in as many rooms as you want. Yet another reason to have custom AV creations in your house is because it will fetch you a better price should you decide to put it on the market at any time. Some hi-tech audio video systems even have provisions for installation in as many as 25 rooms.