Surround Sound

At Desert Valley Audio Video, our focus has always been on quality. Have you ever went to friends house that was excited about their surround sound system, and when they turned it up, all you heard was a bunch of noise? There is a lot more to a surround system then just hooking it up and cranking it up. We will design the correct equipment needed, speaker placement, and even room acoustics, so that what you end up with is what the directors wanted you to here.

Evolution Of Surround Sound

At one time, surround sound systems were found only in movie theaters, mega stage shows or other similar events. However, today they are a must on every home. They are an essential part of the advanced home theater systems that are very popular these days. Combined with a big screen color television with clear, sharp pictures, surround sound systems give one the feeling of being in a movie theater or even better, a part of the movie. They have an upper hand over the regular systems in terms of certain sound features. They can also help enhance the experience when using game systems such as Xbox or Wii. The negligible difference between the price of a normal sound system and a surround sound system has contributed to its increasing popularity.


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Surround Sound Categories


Surround sound systems can be classified broadly into two categories—compact and full-size. These can further be categorized as wired or wireless systems. There are again three classifications possible based on the technology used in a surround system—Dolby Digital, Digital Theater Sound (DTS), and THX Surround EX. Tonal quality is the key when buying such a system. You must check how the speakers perform on the different available sound settings. Once you decide which one best suits your needs, then you can start to think about budget. Surround sound systems can be bought for prices starting from $500 to over $2000. The dimensions of the room where you intend to place the system will to a large extent determine what you buy.

Planning For Surround Sound Installation

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Depending on the effect you need to create, you may need up to five speakers of which two may be small, two big, and one a central channel speaker. You will also need to know where exactly to place the speakers and the television so as to maximize the effect. Most exclusive stores selling surround sound systems also do the installations. When you are spending money on a good system for your home, then it is definitely worth the additional cost to have it professionally installed. If you have opted for a wired system then they can ensure that the wires are hidden thus increasing the aesthetic appeal of the room. You can get a quote for the installation service at the same time that you are checking out the surround sound systems. You can also have all your queries about the system or the installation answered during this time.