HVAC Control

Imagine a hot Arizona day, and you left the thermostat too high. Wouldn’t it be great to log onto your home’s system online before heading home from the office and set it so that you have a cool home when you arrive? With new climate HVAC control systems, we can make it easy to program the temperature of your home right from your television screen! Or, what if you want to change the temperature in the middle of the night, wouldn’t it be great to just reach for the remote control to lower the temperature a few degrees? At Desert Valley Audio Video we can easily accomplish all of these goals.

Understanding HVAC Control

The temperature is homes and offices are maintained via the HVAC control system. There have been different types of HVAC systems in existence, but most of those used today are digital and run with the help of microprocessors. HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Such systems also link to the fire safety and security set up of the building. By putting in a good HVAC control system you can make your home or office more energy efficient, safer, and more efficient. In many instances, these have been found to cut energy costs by at least 40 percent.


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HVAC Features


The different features available in HVAC control systems let you set the temperature based on the occupancy status of the building based on pre-programmed schedules. Valves, actuators, sensors, and thermostats are all part of every HVAC control system. Regular checks are required to ensure that the system is providing optimized performance which is possible only if it is in perfect condition. A perfectly functioning HVAC system can in turn have a positive effect on the health of the occupants inside the building as well.

Evolution Of HVAC

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With a HVAC control system, you can determine what the temperature inside the building needs to be at various intervals during the day. For instance, you can make sure that the temperature is much cooler during the afternoon than in the evening or early morning. Programming digital thermostats is simple enough and you will get instructions from the technician who installs the system for you. Such thermostats may be more expensive than the ones that are controlled manually. However, the long term savings accrued on the utility charges makes it worth the one time price. In a large building, one HVAC control system may be connected to many HVAC units.

Zoning HVAC Control System

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Such big systems are not required in residences and are typically found only in big office buildings. There is something called a ‘zoning’ HVAC control system which is now available in the market. This system divides the home into different zones and then you can control the temperature settings in each zone through a single HVAC controller. The same principle as offices can be applied here and you can set the temperature based on the occupancy in each zone at any given time. If the whole family is gathered in the media room, then you can minimize the air conditioning in the other rooms during that time. Similarly, at night you can set the air conditioning in the bedrooms at a constant while the other rooms can be allowed to get warmer.