Colorbeam Lighting Design

Colorbeam Lighting Design

The Future in Lighting

Colorbeam NorthAmerica introduces a revolutionary tune-able and controllable architectural low voltage LED lighting system that is managed and powered over CAT5. Whites to any Kelvin, full RGB color spectrum settings, flicker free and compatibility with all major lighting control manufacturers are just some of the features and benefits of Colorbeam NorthAmerica lighting. Colorbeam NorthAmerica offers a complete selection of indoor and outdoor light fixtures, trims, drivers, cove lighting, housings and accessories.

LED Lighting Game Changer

Colorbeam NorthAmerica is a manufacturer/distributor of an innovative low voltage LED lighting solution that offers endless possibilities. Enhancing the owner and customer experience in the residential, commercial and hospitality market through innovative lighting is just the beginning. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company distributes throughout North America via a network of audiovisual and low voltage integrators.

Leading by Innovation

With five years of continued design and engineering and over 200 high profile projects across Canada and the United States, Colorbeam NorthAmerica is revolutionizing the lighting market with a UL certified lighting solution that offers unmatched features and benefits, ease of installation, set up and programming.

The Solution

Powered and controlled by CAT5 cable, the revolutionary Colorbeam NorthAmerica UL-certified all-in-one low-voltage class 2 driver delivers power and intelligence to an array of indoor and outdoor UL-certified lighting fixtures. Energy efficiency, whites to any kelvin, full RGB color rendering, controllability and compatibility to all major lighting control manufacturers are just some of the great features and benefits.


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